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Skin tag Removal / Removal of Cholesterol deposits / Age Spot Removal

15 min. session $60, 30 min. session $110, 60 min. session $180

Skin tags are fleshy little bumps that can appear around the body. Most commonly these can be found on the face and neck, under the arms and on the chest and back. Skin tags can rub against clothing or get caught on jewelry which causes them to get irritated and inflamed. Some people’s skin tags even bleed due to often being formed in areas of friction. 

The skin tag removal process typically consists of using natural anesthetics to numb the area to minimizes discomfort and pain. Then with the use of very sharp sterile scissors we snip the skin tags off. length of session typically depends on the amount and size of skin tags on the body.

Organic Hair Loss Treatment

1 session $140 5 sessions $500

Hair loss doesn't have to be permanent. Our treatment involves massaging the scalp using a hyfrequency comb to help stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles. This will prepare the scalp so it can more easily absorb the botanical multivitamin hair growth factor ingredients and start the regrowth process. We also utilize infrared light therapy to further stimulate the hair growth

(home care products are highly recommended).

Organic Teeth Whitening

1 session $150


Now offering teeth whitening using proven natural methods of the DaVinci teeth whitening lines.

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